Roofing Company promotional ideas

Promotional ideas for roofing companies.

Roofing companies that take their marketing seriously want to leave their name and impression in front of their customers.  Always have a great marketing or branding item as a give away.  

Neoprene Can CoolerMemo ClipStress Reliever
neoprene-kooziememo clip
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Business Card CalendarRoofing sign for yardSticky Notes
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Roofing promotional products can be pretty much anything you desire.  You may want any of the items listed above, or you may want to search for your own idea.  Bottom line is you want to have a branding item you can leave behind at every job you do.

As a roofing company, you need to have branded logo wear,  not only for you, but for all your people.  We can get you logo t-shirts at great prices.   We have the wicking shirts, short and long sleeve, we have 100% cotton shirts, we have long sleeve t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies.   Your t-shirts should be worn by all your employees, your family members, and your friends.  A t-shirt is the best marketing product you can have.   A branded logo hat is a great accessory to have.  If you are going to wear a hat, it might as well be your logo on the hat.

Your customers and prospects will throw away a flier or a business card, but will definitely keep a cool branded product.  And that is what you want.  Your name in front of your customer.  So, when a prospect asks about a roofing company, your customers can tell them.  I have one right here for you!!

Few people have a roofing company top of mind.  With a great promotional product, you will have your name in front of them all the time.  It is a great way to build your business.  The return on investment is very good on promotional products.  Make sure you are the company they think of. 

Bottom line, your competitors are doing it.